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People ask me, Mitzy how do you deal with situations when they come your way? Do you ever get mad? Make a mistake? Make people mad?

To all that know me, they can express that dealing with me can be very annoying at times. And to them is that I am writting this blog.

Having hypoxia is something that I have been able to master and deal with. I work, I do my therapies, work on my motivational speeches, I work with my artitsts (MC Management) I work on my book, my podcast and my Doctorate.

I manage my life broken. I have AVN which is death in my bones. I have to prepare everyday and to keep my mind sharp. I have decided to continue studying and learning new things because i'ts something that someone that had alzheimer's tought me; she said "never give up", to always smile and this was someone in a wheelchair that had just months to live; and there is not a day that I'm not thankful for meeting this lady in a rehabilitation center that we were both in. That is something that you will all know more about in the podcast that will be coming very soon.

My body fluctuates from one size to various sizes depending on my inflamation that day, and this can range from as simple as a small argument and breathing hard and having less than normal oxigen not reaching my extremities; Or pulling on something hard enough or lifting a very heavy weight and breaking a bone. Im on stage 3 at this moment.

Hypoxia[1] is a condition in which the body or a region of the body is deprived of adequate oxygen supply at the tissue level. Hypoxia may be classified as either generalized, affecting the whole body, or local, affecting a region of the body. I have been blessed to have both.

Living with any medical condition is bad depending on how you look at it, but living with the breakingness of a bullying, low self esteem, a traumatic childhood will have enoumous effects in our adulthood. Did you know that when someone is bullied, it affects their brain's receptors negatively? This leads to a lack of concentration and depression.

Did you know that the long-term psychological effects of yelling at children makes them view themselves poorly and have difficulty in social situations. When we don’t deal with our trauma, we carry it with us. We haven’t made sense of our story, and therefore, our past is still impacting our present in countless invisible ways. It influences how we parent, how we relate to our partner, how we feel, think, and operate in the world.

So yes, we are all broken in some way, some emotionally and others medically. Do you know what helps us to get up when we have no motivation to rise up from bed? Gratefulness, tears, dreams and hopes. Greatfulness for the air we breath, the fact that we can open our eyes and look at the beginning of a new day. Tears because they help us clean our soul, sleep and wake up renewed. Dreams that make us smile and the hope that it will become true.

I say thank you; to you all. Those that are still in my life, those that have left, and those deal with me forgetting things sometimes, but have the patience to love me, respect me, value me, and see me for who I am. Thank you for allowing me to open my life to you and share what makes me smile, what completes my life and how I have learned to heal from all of the above mentioned traumas that I was also been broken from.

Healing from being broken is a very long process and I might say that it is a day to day decision. You make decisions everyday on how to stay away from Toxic people that don’t appreciate you. They don’t want you to appreciate yourself, either. They need you to ignore your own needs and desires so you can devote all your time to their needs and desires. They use intimidation to keep you down, which means keeping you from living your truth.

For all of you that have seen my development and know me, thank you! To all the new people in my life, I invite you to explore a great journey with me and many smiles, strategies and an experience that you will learn how to love and live life in a way that you have never experienced thru my motivations my blogs, podcast and my new book soon to be published!

Every post in this blog is a piece of me shared with the world to let you know that there is nothing imposible. If your able to open your eyes and breath; you have been given a new opportunity to make your dreams come true!

If I can smirk, smile and close my eyes and dream... then nothing is imposible. This is what I tell myself everyday!
The possibilities are just need to believe!
Don't you ever give up.

M.Coreano 10/27/2022


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Gina Wright
Gina Wright
Nov 05, 2022

Hun u are the strongest lady i no it is amazing how u keep going u look for the good an i no it must of been one of the worst days of ur life when we met i wish we could of met on a different day but im really happy to no u an u give me hope hun keep up the good work

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