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After effects of covid19

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Seeing myself for the 1st time hours after anesthesia I want to speak to you of these true facts:

One: It is hard to see how having Covid19 has worsened my health conditions. But I refuse to let go and stop fighting.

Two: I am in excruciating pain right now, but in a way, I’m happy to be able to feel what I am feeling; because I don’t need to worry about anyone’s comments and I can focus on getting better.

Today I will walk out of this hospital and into isolation again, and I’m ok with that. I will come every day to get treatment for the next nine days and know that this is just another hurdle, and I tell myself all the time "this shall pass".

When this passes, I will look back and say, “thank you, God, for being with me and allowing me to beat this once again.”

When I’m in these situations, It's God and music that never fails me, as I have mentioned before.


my body is completely swollen, and my fiscal aspect is not the same, but in time, one day at a time, “I will get there, like the song says.

What is my motivation? Life, smiling again, making jokes, feeling the sand, watching the snowfall, and overall getting some needed new wardrobe for this spectacular plump new body of mine. So learn to accept things, life and you and make positive and realistic changes! Until next time!

Mitzy Coreano

The simple writer


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