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Dedicated to all my kids, nephews, ROTC kids, acquaintances, and friends

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

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Believing in yourself is all that really matters.

Good day everyone. When I saw on Instagram what Marc Anthony said when he received his diamond award pushed me even harder to pursue my dream and never give up.

He said that he did that from his heart when he recorded his songs, just as I do when writing. He said that all he believed in was that he knew that he would see a minimum of one copy, and that was his copy because he loved what he did. He never did it to sell the way it did; he just did it from his heart.

This truly touched my heart. Why? Because I have been told Mitzy, you're too old to do this or that; you're always studying, wake up early every day, and for what? You're forever on that computer, and your writing is not the best. You're no good at writing poems, not a photographer. What is the purpose of getting another Master’s degree?

Why would you want to write a book and for what, nowadays no one wants to read anything…etc. etc., etc., and I say, “if no one buys a copy of my book volume 1; I know will sell one copy, and that copy will be my own” because I love what I do. I love to help people even thru here to let them know that they are not alone.

Let us stand strong under every circumstance knowing that everyday is an opportunity for a new beginning MC/Mantengámonos firmes en cualquier circunstancia sabiendo que todos los días es una oportunidad para un nuevo comienzo MC

When you are in a hospital bed, it is tough to have any hopes because you feel your body is decayed and your mind is completely distorted when you are being pumped with narcotics an benzo’s, Benadryl, decadron, Ativan, and so many others and you have to go home and detoxify yourself;

and your crying and having people not understand what your body is going thru, your feening for something to cure you, your wondering when will this end, when will I get better; because your mind and body can’t take it anymore; it is hard for you to think about your dreams when your spouse or fiance is hitting you, or your loved one is speaking to you negatively.

When you have been raped and cannot tell anyone when the people you love turn their back on you and all your left is with, no one around you at hands reache….It is tough for you to think about your dream when death encounters you and you lose your loved ones, and you feel all alone and no one you can relate your thoughts to; it's tough for you to think about your dreams, but I always had something that pushed me thru.

I always thought about my kids “nephews” and kiddos and a few family members and of course my father’s memory; and believe it or not, I always thought of the negative people that told me this or that and that dedicate their life talking negatively of me those people gave me the strength to keep going because for those who know me, know that I am stubborn and although Doctors would tell me one thing I always strive hard to push beyond all odds.

Many of the Brockton ROTC kids that, although many times because of medications, I had forgotten them, still loved me dearly. To all the ones that at one time or another that helped me, went to my home, bathed me, cared for me, visited me to all the ones that even in another country like Min, Gene, Veronica have always stayed in contact with me, to my son Jesus and Adam that thru it all we are still here. All these people emotionally helped me one way or another. I thought of all of them in my time of despair. I remember how many times they would go and visit me at the hospital, and then I wouldn’t remember.

I remember Sam staying with me many times, and today he is a father and a grown man, and a family man. To see my son established as a family man and my younger son building his career in what he loves, these are the things that push me thru every day, even thru my new diagnosis; I’m willing to fight until my last breath.

I always told myself there is no better example than the example you give to someone based on your lifestyle, not on what you say but on what you do. I teach and share this with day by day a very dear loved one Maria Elena Ojeda Cotto. We have been thru so much, and today I tell her that nothing is impossible. I want her to see that thanks to her picking me up at the hospital and bringing me here to detox have helped me continue my journey, and I pray that she never forgets how grateful I will forever be.

I have had the privilege of seeing my nephew preaching a few weeks ago. For me, this was a very emotional moment seeing that this man today, many years ago, he was standing on a rooftop stressed and wanting to throw himself because of a personal matter. I went to the rooftop where he was at, and we spoke, listened to what I spoke to him, and today many years later, he still remembers this conversation, and here he is today. Today he is a nurse, a father, and a preacher.

I also see many of my kiddos today in the Army and mothers and woman that at one point felt as if they couldn’t deal with the situation and came to me. Here they are today, men and women that have a family and that tell me all the time, “mom, we admire you so much” “you are the strongest person I know.” The few friends that I still have throughout this journey can witness that I’m still here through it all. To see me now at 48 years old and look back at all these men and woman, including my two sons and all of the achievements made and who they are, gives me comfort to say that it was all worth it and whatever else I have to overcome to recuperate myself completely will be worth it.

I conclude today’s blog like this:

Let’s be positive and remember everyone that one way or another has helped us in our lives to be who and where we are today, and never let go of our dreams. Know that every day you are given a chance to start over and make better decisions. The decision is up to you. The millionaires have the same time a day that you and I have. We choose what we do with the day that Life, earth, God, and destiny have given us. Choose well, meditate, believe in yourself, and if you fail, don’t worry; failing means you a step closer to winning. Tomorrow is a new day for you to start all over again.

Mitzy Coreano

The simple writer


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