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Updated: Aug 24, 2021

While on the phone with a long-time friend of mines, I opened a box because I’m getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas and what I call winter cleaning and getting ready for a new year.

So when this time comes, I check everything and throw away stuff that is of no use and organize and file whatever is needed to be put away.

While talking with my friend on the phone, I started reading and asking what some terminologies of these so-called hospitalizations that I had in my hand were.

Meanwhile, we talked; I paused and was shocked because those Drs talked about things that were not about me. I told my friend this has to be wrong, so I kept looking and looking and reading, but the more I read, the more shocked I was, to the point that tears started rolling down my eyes.

I have said this before, but having covid19 and losing my memory is something that I deal with every day. But I’m so blessed to be here still and speak about this with the world; while there are so many that are no longer with us because of this pandemic, I am still here!

When I saw those hospitalizations and diagnoses, I could not continue reading.

I felt as if they were talking about someone that was just not me. And to be perfectly honest, it truly hurt, and then it hit me… Mitzy, you are losing your memory, and before all is forgotten, you have to write, which is what I do and why I write.

I don’t write this for pity. I write to let anyone know that no matter what you're going thru right now, what people might say to you might bring you down, what illnesses you have etc. You need to grab some ice cream 🥰😋and breath and say to yourself everything will work out; without envying anything that anyone else has!

Live, laugh, do silly things, love unconditionally, and do to
others what you would want people to do to you.
Love so you can be loved, give without expecting anything
in return, learn to forgive, give thanks to the fact that your
alive and don’t complain just live your life with happiness…`

Prepare your ice cream and treat your body to a relaxing moment when situations out of your control happen, meditate, do whatever makes you happy, don't complain order to change your life you have to change your mind and the way you think!!!

Mitzy Coreano



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