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Meta Mor Fossil

Many that know me, have known what my life has been. I have gone thru being in the system, having and loosing cars, being intubated 19 times. I've gone from weighing 110 pounds to 189 today because of my immunology disease. I have gone thru every medicine for kidney infections until the point that my doctors told me to give my life to God because there was nothing more that they could do.

What did I do with that information? I decided to dedicate my life to become the best ETS (Educational Therapist Specialist). I also decided to become a motivational speaker and take to every entity for free meta mor fossil.

I went from being bed bound and in a wheelchair and being constantly depending on a medication to survive to accepting me as I am and going forward with my dream and sharing strategies to many so they can enjoy a life with real strategies that will help them with their day to day.

Today I see a Mitzy that has made difficult decisions to remove toxic people from her life and has had to decide to focus on her and what she wants in order to live a much more healthier life.

I decided to change my life, I took every situation in my life and converted it into a lesson and here I am today impacting the world.

There is nothing that you might want in this world that you cannot achieve with hard work, sacrifice and discipline. I will say it again. If I did it so can you.

IG @coreanomitzy

I was told I was not made to be a manager of Artist and here I am.

My IG is @m_c_management_

Today I travel the world talking and motivating people like me that had thought that life would never change, that everything was supposed to be a certain way because that's what statistics would say about them. I decided with Gods help that I could make a change and here I am. I lost my memory, had to learn how to speak, loose the respect from my loved ones because I was told "what is the use of you having all those degrees if your not making any money? An 18 year old makes more money than you. That and more I have heard from loved ones; my only satisfaction is feeling a sense of peace and tranquility knowing that what I do might not generate the income that most are looking for, but for me, my riches are knowing that the people I help are left with a sense of hope. A hope that was never offered to me without expecting anything back. That to me, is worth more than any dollar sign.

Don't loose hope, never think something is impossible. Look for strategies on how to make your dreams a reality. If you need any guidance don't hesitate to contact me. I'm here to help.

Stay tunned for more information on a surprise coming really soon.


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