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Thank you Dr. Gupta for helping me and allowing me to have hope in my recovery

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

This is a real picture…This is the room in which i have been in for many weeks

I have been sick for many, many years. I have been judged, told I have limited Intelligence (by a college professor in Boston while acquiring my Associate’s degree)

I’ve been asked if have or had psychological issues many times; I’ve been told the famous term used “you need to calm down”…..

I have never given up on my health though. Education to me has been my main focus in life. Although English is my second language I have always strived to learn more and more.

Many of my studies in college, grad and undergrad have been on research about illnesses that I have had. I always said to myself “one day someone will graduate that will see me and take interest and believe me and help me to figure out why I’m so sick; but in the meantime while in hospital beds, I would always have my books to study, notebooks a pen paper and always researching…..

Today something happened.  I have this great Doctor called Maulshree Gupta, MD and she found me this great team that is finally working with me to better my health.

Speaking today with Robert Greenberg confirmed all along that I am a very complicated case but because I have never given up on hope; here I am today. I have dedicated my life to making sure I have proof of everything that has occurred to me since the moment I was able to take pictures on my phone I have kept them as evidence of everything I have gone thru, for this exact moment.

Today the song I was listening to was “your the one that I love” by Olivia Newton and John Travolta. It’s a song of hope. When I was young I would listen to it and even to this day it gives me a fuzzy happy feeling.

You see??? Its the little things in life and hope that keeps someone like me going. I’m not going to say that I have not shed tears. Omg; I could fill many tubs from all the tears that I have had to shed and after being asked I don't' know how many times, "when would I finish going to school and that nothing would ever change in my life".

I was always told that I would never mount to anything and here I am today, freely expressing to the world that “yes its possible". No I have no riches, but I’m rich within my soul.

I have learned values that money cannot buy. I have patience, when before I did not. I have learned to understand my body and its functions and also realize what is an effect from a medication versus reality.

Those things can’t be bought, that kind of knowledge in acquired with discipline, long hours of study, listening to audios, reading and listening to your body when it speaks to you. Many times our body tells us that its tired, hungry, in need of a laughter or in need of silence etc. etc. and we don not pay any attention to it; until our body decides to break down. All those things and more I had to learn on my own.

I have Never been one to give up on my dreams. I'm always evolving and learning new things; this is one of the things that also helps me to continue going,

People negativity has been my moto to push harder and harder and never giving up no matter what my obstacles are.

This is how I think. If you have a dream and it has to be shaped differently then so be it. I always wanted to be a Dr. but at this moment and time its something that I can do at another time. But I have always had it on the back of my mind and time will tell the outcome of this idea and dream.

Even though it was hard for me to accept everything that I had envisioned for my life and how it has taken a complete different road I kept smiling and continue smiling and enjoying life, peace, my programed moments in which I can breath with no pain, fun music, great Ted talks on YouTube of new researches and articles sent to me from great scientists and teachers.

Let me say this “I never in a million years would ever see myself posting a daily blog” but here I am helping others to strive stronger everyday by listening or reading these blogs.

I want to share with you to take pride and enjoy the most simple things in life. Lets not take for granted how great it feels to take a hot bath or feel hot water on your back and the privilege of the great scent of soap and so many things that many times we oversee when in reality everything in life is worth being appreciative for because once we are able to live an appreciative life we will see not only ourselves, but we will see others in a different light.

I developed neck problems because of neck IVs. I always thought if I would fall asleep I would be stabbed from this. Thank goodness those days are over

Till this day my feet hurt because of so many IVs but I have learned to appreciate my feet and listen to what hurts them, what shoes to wear and when to rest them and pamper them.

But thru everything I  have never lost hope

These are only a few of my pictures as evidence of my life

So yes…. TODAY after over 40 years of my life finally someone honestly said “Mitzy your not crazy, you just have a complicated medical issue”.

Things in life take time, it took many years of patience and many many hospital days before having a Dr. that truly cared and was willing to deal with my medical issues one by one to properly attend me and for me to finally have the life that I am having today.

Once we learn that in life everything takes time we will be able to live a better life and learn to enjoy living day by day without stressing things that are out of your control….smile and breath; that is my moto and I always tell myself "Tomorrow will always be a better day".

No one said it was easy. But no one reaches a goal without sweat and tears and it doesn't matter how much life I have left, I am a realist I live knowing what I have, what are my limitations and I don't overlook the reality of things and my situations; I just choose to see the positive aspect in every situation, I choose to look at things with a better light. But, that is a choice that I make. You and only you can decide what to do with your situation. Are you going to stress yourself to a point where you will get your body sick? Will you see everything as a lesson? That is a choice that you only you can choose. I choose to live a life free of stress and seeing life as a lesson!

I am honored and blessed and happy that my conditions will help others that might develop what I have, or have dealt with at any point in my life. What has kept me going? Well... lots and lots of music of all kinds. I love all music I’m eclectic but country music is a part of my heart that has helped me thru very lonely and tough times in my life.

I exhort you to be patient and understanding and make a decision to see life thru different eyes and You will notice how you and the world and people around you will appreciate it.!

Mitzy Coreano

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