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Rebuild Neuro Result part 3.

Today at 1 pm, I went to receive my report and results of my neuropsychological evaluation...This experience was enjoyable.

For a long time, when told a joke to me, those who know me know that it will take me a few seconds and even a longer time to laugh at the jokes 🤣. Other times, people tell me that I am OCD because I must organize everything to function correctly. By working correctly, I cannot study in a messy room, or it's difficult for me to do a specific task around clutter. That's a real example.

Lately, if I am rushing, I will lose balance and possibly fall, which has happened. Many times I do what you see this child doing in the picture above. I will sit and breathe and organize my thoughts when things or people become too overwhelming.

Now the results:

We finally found out what part of the brain functions💆 and what part has been affected. My LEFT side of the brain is the one that I will be using for the rest of my life.....That is awesome. I feel like the kid from the Incredibles when he said, "That is wicked !!!!" The right side of the brain is the one that has been affected and disrupted. This is the final response of why I suffer from memory loss and brain fog and my minimal function on my body's right side.

The fun part of this story is that. The Doctor was shocked and said Mitzy; I have never heard anyone so happy with this news. She was shocked because she added an intelligence test to the evaluation besides knowing about the brain functions. Besides knowing about the brain functions, The test results show that my Intelligence testing is LOW and General knowledge is borderline LOW. Performance on a task requiring analysis and reconstruction of abstract designs is low average, and performance on a task requiring pattern analysis, analogical reasoning, and sequential reasoning is low average.

We can continue, but I think you get the message.

With this diagnosis, I have been able to overcome something that I did not even know. HOW? By using other skills like writing everything down, listening to music, breathing. Meditating, learning how to cry when I have needed to, taking anxiety reduction classes, taking emotional intelligence classes, listening to motivational speeches, writing my goals down, I have removed negative talk to myself. I have also removed toxic people from my life; I have repeated classes many times. But I have never quit!

When health conditions accompany our life, I have learned to embrace it ALL and say to myself and others, "Lifes surprises are responded with a solution, or a learn it was designed for us to learn."

I embrace this new journey, just as this child embraces his walk towards the unknown! I welcome it with grace and thankfulness because I will explore everything with this new Left side of my brain, and life will be better than ever before!

Let's always look at what we have, never at what we don't have, and life will bless us with things unimaginable!

Mitzy Coreano

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