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About Me


Hi, thanks for dropping by!

I'm a complex person that connects with all cultures, people, ethnicity and I connect with the most humble to the most eloquent. I love children, animals and this earth. I believe everything around us is alive and we have to be very cautious with what we say, do and how we think. 

I have removed the toxicity out of my life to be a better person. I respect all religions and all ways of life. I am a writer that uses simple words to help others know that nothing is impossible. I love learning something new every day and I use motivational speeches to guide my day to today. Today I am blessed to say that God has granted me the opportunity to be a Motivational Speaker.

I make jokes all the time and I find things funny that others don't. Three things that have never failed me #1 My faith in God #2 Music  #3 A pen/pencil and paper.

This is me, I am Mitzy Coreano and That's My Blog!

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