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Covid19 survivor; Against all odds, I'm still here!

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

I wanted to share how many trials I have faced, not for pity, but to show what resilience and determination can do when one never gives up!

This article was written when I was an undergrad. It took me seven years to finish my BA. I would be joked at by people and told I was wasting my time. They would say there are so many people suffering that no one wants to read about others' issues, but my purpose was not to be a victim. My goal was and is to help others and give them hope. I wanted English as a second language not to feel intimidated or presumed that we are less knowledgeable.

I kept on, and even though I ended up exhausting my financial aid. Thank goodness for donations and with this article. I was able to finish and continue going forward on my next step. I still remember my graduation day. I had just come out of a surgery similar to the one I have now, and I "googled" how to put makeup on and did my hair, even though I burned my neck with the curling iron😭 😂.

It was hurtful at that moment and funny now. I have so many pictures of work being done from multiple hospital beds and many sleepless nights like tonight, but in my mind, I always say: "Mitzy, this will pass" breathe.

This is why I love knowing everything about the body and its functions. I love neuro-biology, health, mental illness, psychology, poetry, possible time frame that medication might take to leave your body, the side effects, etc.; you might see me on my phone, but it's researching and reading.

This helps me to stay calm and see life differently. Knowing that slowly continue to fade has given me the ability not to feel ashamed to write about my medical issues and the coping skills I use.

One thing I will say…" I have never done a tik-to, but I indeed enjoy and laugh out loud from the videos," so to ALL tik-tokers (I hope that's how it's said🤷🏽‍♀️). Thank you for brightening up my days and making me laugh!

If you organize your thoughts and connect them with your work ethics, dicipline and learn to be patient and consitent you will realize that:
Your greatness will show in your results

Mitzy Coreano



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