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I went to a conference and in one of the activities, I was asked to place my hand on my chest and think of memories of my past to find the strength to fight toward a tomorrow and new goals in order to figure out strategies toward your business.

It was then, that tears shed down my cheeks when I realized that I had nothing. There was a blank page that I saw when I closed my eyes and thought of specific things of the past and realized all I could see was a woman laying in a bed and waking up while pulling all of her tubes that she had out and seeing a ton of nurses walking into the room and tying her hands on the rails. I remembered my children's birth and how happy I felt when I embraced them in my arms. I remembered only broken pieces of my life at that moment.

This speaker was teaching about strategies on how to build your finances. In order to find out what you were good at, he was teaching, and one topic that impacted me the most was the mood. Your mood defines everything. Now let me ask you a question. To all the readers: How do you feel when you lose a key and you desperately looking for it because you have to get somewhere and it's lost? Or how does it feel when you are driving and all of a sudden you have arrived at the wrong place and your aggravated because you just forgot for a second and made the wrong turn?

Imagine waking up one day from a hospital bed and realizing that you have just been diagnosed with Hypoxia, but you have decided to use the same brain that can cause you to get sick by worrying and stressing, it can also be used in a quantum physics way to heal yourself. For all those that don't know:

Hypoxia is when the tissues of your body don’t have enough oxygen. When you breathe, you take oxygen into your lungs, where it travels through your airways out into small sacks called alveoli. From there, it gets picked up by your blood in small vessels that travel close to the alveoli (capillaries). Finally, it travels through your blood out to other tissues.

You can think of oxygen as billions of passengers flying into the airport (your lungs). They get picked up at the gate and get on the highway (blood vessels) to be taken to their destination (your tissues). As the oxygen gets dropped off, it makes room for a different passenger to be picked up: carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a waste product, which is then taken back to your lungs and exits your body when you breathe out.

If not enough oxygen gets through at any place on the journey, it can lead to hypoxia. Airflow and blood flow are both important to the process. This condition causes inflammation.

To the naked eye and science, Mitzy should not be walking much less having a business and having the degrees that I have and being able to articulate nor have the ability to write and process information as I do. Now why is that? and I realized this while I heard this speaker talking. It's been the mood. I have always had a positive mood about everything that to others might seem negative or even sad.

When I was diagnosed with AVN which is a disease that results from the temporary or permanent loss of blood supply to the bone. When blood supply is cut off, the bone tissue dies and the bone collapses. If avascular necrosis happens near a joint, the joint surface may collapse.

This condition may happen in any bone. It most commonly happens at the ends of a long bone. It may affect one bone, several bones at one time, or different bones at different times.

I was so lucky to have it in various of my bones and my doctors told me "Mitzy you will never be able to run again or walk in heels and you will have pain for the rest of your life so I suggest that you take pain killers for the rest of your life because this is not curable." This added to many other medical illnesses and why am I still here?

It was my mood and my good sense of humor and my faith that brought me to where I am today. I always thought that If your mind can kill you by stressing and living a toxic life, then I always wondered even in my lost mind many times, can your brain heal you?

It's challenging at times when I forget things, and people get very frustrated especially if I don't write things down. But the most wonderful thing is that all of my psychological knowledge, as well as business ideas, are intact in my brain, its as if although there are so many lost areas of my past, my brain has chosen what to retain and what to let go and for that, I am very thankful.

Does my heart ache when I go down memory lane and there are so many blank spaces in my mind? Yes. Do I cry when people speak of me as their perception of what is measured as knowledge? Yes. Do I take it personally? No.

Why? Because people's opinions are their own and it's based on their own perception of self and that is the truth. People that judge, and speak badly or negatively about others are based on their own reflection of self.

What have I learned in this long journey? That every day is a lesson learned, that we should learn from each other's trials and become every day more empathetic, caring, loving and heartfelt, more communicative, and less mechanized. Let's connect more, let's love more, let's enjoy life a bit more, let's take some time to just disconnect from our devices and take time to look at all the nature that surrounds us, and let's take time to look at our loved ones. We spend so much time on social media that we have forgotten how to have a simple meal or conversation without the interruption of our devices.

Remember at any moment, based on our life choices a part of our body might not have the strength to continue going, and when and if that time comes make sure that you're in a positive mood, so you can also define all odds!

Today I am blessed
Because I am here, alive and given a second opportunity to make things right and my dreams, hopes and goals a reality.
For that and for the air I breath I am thankful.

By Mitzy Coreano


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