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What is the definition of meta?

  • The definition of meta is denoting a change of position or condition.

Sometimes in life, things happen to us that we just don't expect:

  1. Our car breaks down when we are on our way to work.

  2. Our partner decides to break up with us when we believe that things are at the best of times.

  3. We have this humongous argument with a friend.

  4. We open our mouths and don't realize that we forgot to breathe before we decided to say the wrong thing and once it comes out we realize we should have not said what we said.

  5. We give our all in a new business and all goes well and all of a sudden something happens and we realize that all of our long-term plans are out of the door, people that we thought were friends are no longer around, laughter and time shared are gone, we are left with memories and shared stories and intimacies that we have no idea what will be done with it, and we have to reset our lives in a matter of days.

  6. We are diagnosed with an illness that we have no idea what it is and now you have the opportunity to taste and try new things that are beneficial to your health.

  7. You have a fall and in the blink of an eye everything changes and now you have fractures and illnesses that you didn't have a second ago.

  8. We wake up and the dog peed on the floor and you fall unexpectedly.

  9. You are told that someone cannot pay you for your job.

  10. You bend down and all of a sudden you realize your back or your knee struck you with sharp pains and you have to call in sick to work.

All these things and more happen to us daily. To be truthfully honest a lot of these things are my personal experience. Now, what are the differences between someone else and me?

I decide to be in control of myself. I decide to tell myself every day, every morning. "Mitzy you are capable" and "don't you dare compare yourself to anyone" and "you are a unique and great person that has survived what others might think is just a fallacy or a story in a fictitious movie". "What is the lesson in this situation that just happened to you?"

When life strikes us with uncertain things, arguments, or lessons. I call everything a lesson by the way. But that's just the way that I see life.

We have the power to be in control of our thoughts. When our mind starts to wonder. Speak to yourself and tell yourself. STOP! I will not indulge myself in these negative thoughts. Listen to music, listen to a motivational speech. Do you know that there are motivational speeches for everything? In every language?

Instead of going on a social media that will not benefit you, go on youtube and search for a motivation when you feeling alone, sad, lonely, exhausted, drained, unmotivated when you feel that you do not fit in when your husband is treating you bad when your mom is yelling at you when your anxious when you're depressed when you are scared when your sick and I can go on and on.

That's when you have to decide, are your mind and your thoughts in control of you? Or are you in control of your mind and your thoughts? Are you happy where you are? Are you living the life that you want? Do you have a plan? Remember one thing. You are in control of yourself. No one else eats for you, no one talks for you or wakes up in your body every day.

I decide to laugh everyday, to learn everyday, to change any lesson that is thrown my way. What do you decide to do everyday?


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