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A whales lesson

Many times in life unexpected things happen. Sometimes you wake up and you wonder, why am I feeling so sad? or so down?. At times you might even have an unexpected altercation with a loved one, and we wonder how we can deal with a situation and still continue with our lives in a positive way?

Sometimes our body wakes up achy and we wonder why?

Studies show that even what we might perceive as a small trauma could make you more vulnerable to developing physical health problems, including long-term or chronic illnesses. This also causes anxiety and stress.

What this means is that when something happens to you, your subconscious records the day and time of the incident, and every year your brain goes thru these moments, but we will talk about that in my other post...

When we wake up and we have an unexpected altercation with someone “Your heart beats faster and blood pressure increases, breathing quickens and your chest can become tight. Stress during an argument activates the part of the brain that releases higher levels, of a hormone called cortisol which induces more stress.”Nov 20, 2019

When this happens, the best thing is to vent with a friend. What I do is cry. I cry, but I have also gotten on my bicycle and have exercised until tears have come out rolling down my cheeks. When I was able to run I would do that as well. At another time in my life I would play sad songs, or color, listen to rap, or just any song that I would want to listen to at that moment. This is called music therapy. You can choose anything you want to do in these moments as long as the outcome is a positive one. Exercising is a great option, it starts a biological cascade of events that result in many health benefits, crying releases oxytocin and endorphins which makes people feel good and eases emotional pain.

Now you may be asking yourself what is the relevance of all this with a whale? and how we can deal with a situation and still continue with our lives in a positive way?

Sometimes it's very difficult to overcome situations especially when you have strong feelings about a person or a situation, but that is when self-love comes into place.

Did you know that whales spend time foraging, migrating, mating, socializing, seeping, and exploring? So why shouldn't we learn a lesson from their behavior?

The most fascinating thing about a whale is the fact that a whale no matter what happens in its environment, it continues swimming forward.

Yes, people hurt other people. Why? because they are also hurt, but if you have learned to love yourself and work on yourself first, you will be able to see others in a loving and caring way.

Is it hard? HECK YEA!!! Sometimes you want to hit someone over the head when they say something that caves deep into your soul. But what I do in those cases is that I breathe (1st of all) and then I truly listen to what is being said, and when you truly listen (in the midst of someone yelling) to someone that is angry. You listen to them and block out all the noise of the tone of their voice, you will see, hurt, and frustration because they don't know something or they have a fear of what will happen, you will see loneliness, unhappiness and I can go on and on, of what I am able to see in these cases.

Whales block out everything and continue going forward. You never see a fish or a whale swimming backward do you? If you do please let me know. So why would we ponder on things that happened and are now in the past?

We spend so much time holding a grudge over something that happened so long ago that we forget to listen to the perching of a bird in our backyard because we choose to continue re-living what happened over and over again. We don't enjoy our porch in our homes. We don't enjoy our couch, Instead, we prefer to stay in our car, room, etc. looking at things on social media that will continue taking us to what we should have let go of.

Whales don't worry about what will happen they live today they live the now. Today when I came home from work I decided not to go inside the house, but instead, I sat in a chair and continued this blog from the backyard of my apartment. I wanted to experience something different and let me tell you the feeling of just looking at these beautiful trees moved by the breeze of the wind lets me know that there is so much life all around us. That there is no reason for anything negative to ponder for more than a few minutes in our minds.

Let's take time to look around us and realize all the life that surrounds us.
Let's take deep breathes that gives us calmness, helps us reduce anxiety, helps us sleep and this is a medicine that we have available to us at any time and at no cost.
Remember one thing, peace is not given by anyone. Peace, love, happiness, acceptance, cheer, laughter, enjoyment, and life come from you and what is within you!
Always remind yourself that what you see, and how you see things is a reflection of you.

Mitzy Coreano


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