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Updated: Aug 15, 2021

Beauty is in you and once you manage to know that you are unique or unique even with all your defects you will be able to see everything beautiful that surrounds you, After a strong day, since my health after covid19 has not been the same. It is very difficult to walk because when I walk I feel that my strength does not give me and I see even points when I look. But still I still ... Today I rest but I decided after resting and cooking for my family and my cousin, I observed what was around me and tried to absorb everything that surrounded me in order to gain strength and move on.

Why? Because for the first time in a long time I felt powerless. I felt that I had no courage, but my mind told me that “I had to find some way to reinforce and charge my energies, because I want to be able to help many infants (and adults) who are going to grow up and need me. So I went to the beach. And then while I was sitting at the computer at the table I looked up and saw beyond the screen and saw the beauty of the day. I looked beyond the screen door that was inside the door frame and I saw the beauty of the daylight, I began to look at the green of the grass and how the colors complemented each other so perfectly. And I said to myself "of course you can take strength, as if not ... you have all the strength you need to continue because you are surrounded by life.

When we can see beyond what is in front of our eyes and we can learn to see life with our soul and by changing our habitual vocabulary, we can appreciate all the doors that are destined for us. Mitzy Coreano


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