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Starting is always the most difficult part of anything in life. Friends have advised me to just write so here it goes.

Thank you to all my friends that have been here now. Going through writer's block, is not easy. That led me through a very dark place that maybe many might not know, or maybe you have I don't know. All I know is that when your passion is taken away from you because of a loss of something or someone it can be very detrimental.

Where do you go when it's hard to feel? When life has left you with yourself? How do you feel when you realize you are not like the rest and life has blessed you with new people, but unconsciously you still want to hold on to friends and acquaintances that are not good for you? Where do you go mentally? What do you do?

Blessed are those who have been granted the privilege of meeting good people like myself.

Magnelande and Thanialee are two new friends who have honestly changed my life. Not that my friend from North Carolina and my anonymous friend from Brockton are not as equally important and my other friends from PR and Florida, Costa Rica, Colombia, and of course, family members have also been there at times.

Sometimes it's just the little things like a text, a funny text, an I love you, a hug, a how are you? Did you eat? How is your day going? and I miss you, can make all the changes in someone's life.

To my friends that believe in me, that love me in the midst of it all. Thank You because you make all the change in this world, You make this place a better place to live. You give your friends hope in their most vulnerable times. I have no words to express the appreciation that I feel for every smile and every time spent. Thank you!

To all those who have friends, take some time to just simply thank them for their time. Time is something that can never be recovered and is what is given the most and many times not appreciated. For every text answered, for every call taken for every tear and for every smile, as well as for every disagreement, thank them because everything that happens in life makes us a better person if we look at things as a lesson.

I pray this block fades off promptly but for now; Thank you for everything.


Mitzy Coreano



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