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Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Listen to this article!

Emotional intelligence. Thankfully I am done, but it changed my life. I learned that I was very hurt, and being hurt places you in a position in resentment, hate, grudgefullnes, chatter, gossip, rumors, etc.; you hurt others unintentionally.

Forgiving is an act of emotional release. It releases you, and it's an act of acknowledgment and responsibility.

When we are children, we require an immense amount of love and attention, and many times our parents give us what they have, which is not something that we can blame. We must realize and accept that they did what they could and shared what they had.

Carrying the burden of blame or guilt for things done or said places us in a place of victimization. We all learn from our mistakes, and forgive is a word that I would like to share with all that know me today.

When we learn to change our habitual vocabulary to a positive one and discover the roots of why we are the way we are and how our brain functions and tour actions towards oneself and others, it places us in a place of forgiveness. Feeling guilty is not a feeling to ponder on. This feeling is to be released and continue being a better person.

While I was taking this course, I shed many tears. I learned the many aspects of myself. I knew who I am and all the areas of opportunity that I have and the privilege of working on this day by day. I learned the difference between being passive and aggressive and often hurtfully unconsciously with my words and the distinction of being someone who was taking advantage of someone who now sets boundaries.

I learned to speak and say:

when you. (do this or that it hurts me) These are just examples I feel. (uncomfortable with your tone of voice) I would like that. (from now on, we have better communication) I understand; (however, it is vital that. (we take action on this or that) I learned the difference between what we do and the attitude we take and the tone of voice and how that can affect other's responses towards you. We are all different, and within that difference, it was beautiful to understand that there are four general types of people:

  • Dominance

  • Achiever

  • Influence

  • Stable

Within these characteristics, I learned that everyone's tempo is different and understanding that difference makes us extraordinary. Some of us are extroverted with a higher beat (like me), and others are introverted and paused.

I wanted to finish this blog today by saying that I forgive everyone who has ever hurt me, poorly spoken about me, or harmed me in any way.

I also want to ask anyone that I might have hurt with my actions unknowingly in any way.

We all have an oportunity to change!
The wise mind is a combination of being and doing.
Organize your goals, focus on today, enjoy every moment, learn to forgive yourself, enjoy every meal, every look, every sigh.
Don't focus on what you can't control. What's done is done, focus on what you can control: That is today and being a better person with yourself so you can give the best of yourself to others!

Mitzy Coreano

"The simple writer"


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Sire Mike
Sire Mike
05 thg 7, 2021

I forgive

Mitzy Coreano
Mitzy Coreano
05 thg 7, 2021
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Forgiveness is for oneself

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