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Hear me roar

How many times do you hear a voice (sometimes it's like a roar) and it's as if someone was yelling at you? Just to find out it's a voice in your brain that converts into your thoughts. How many times have you set yourself a plan and all of a sudden in the blink of an eye things change?

You might say "Mitzy what do you mean by hearing my thoughts roar? Hasn't it happened to you that you're in a meeting and all of a sudden your thoughts start saying things like "omg this woman can talk" and "why is he eating that?", "does she not see how looks?" "why is he so loud" Who does she think she is?

" Or "

Omg I forgot to bring the cake that I had promised to work" or "I forgot this or that" how about for the business owners - what about when you are relying on someone and that person quits and all of a sudden and you are left understanding and trying to figure out that persons work ethic.

Let's take our minds a bit further, how about when you work so much that you decide not to open a mail and then you realize that your bank account, credit card, medical bills, etc. are closed, canceled, or overdue?

What do you do when in a blink of an eye life takes an unexpected turn?

That Is what we will have a brief chat on.

What does Mitzy do? I take a second to digest the information. When I mean I take time to digest the information I mean I let people know. that " I need some time to think".

  • I breath

  • I silence all cell phones for a few minutes

and I say "Mitzy, what can you learn from this? And I start researching in my mind what positivity or aspect can I learn from a closed account or a credit card being canceled, a due bill, etc. The first thing that I have learned in the midst of every lesson in life is that nothing is reliable. That's the 1st thing. And that at any moment anything can happen.

When you are in acceptance that anything can happen and your determined that no matter how many times you have to start all over again you are willing to do it. That mentality, will not allow you to fall into a panic attack or a stress mode. You will automatically start to make the necessary new plans to work with what you have right now with a positive mindset.

Look at what you have right now, and smile while being grateful for all the possibilities that are being given to you.

You might say "what possibilities?" I have bills galore, I have ill family members, I don't have money to buy clothes, my cell phone bill is about to get shut off, my car broke down, I'm single, I've been in this situation so long, etc". So tell me Mitzy what is so positive about that? And I will say to you, myself included. We are alive; that is the 1st thing and if we are breathing we have an opportunity to see everything as a lesson and look for options.

The 1st thing I learned in these almost fifty years of life, is that everything in life is attitude. You can have the best clothes and all the money in the world but if you cannot be happy with what you have at this moment and take things day by day and plan and work on yourself, and live a positive, organized and disciplined lifestyle...You will continue navigating in the same cycle day in and day out. You will continue listening to that roar in your thoughts telling you. Things that are not true, but these roars are accepted by you because it's a comfortable place of compliance where you have an excuse not to go further; because change....hurts. change is discipline, change is waking up on a Saturday taking a shower, and following your goals and dreams even though that ROAR tells you to stay in bed a little bit longer because its Saturday and you worked all day and you deserve it.

Do you know? That if your not responsible for yourself it will be almost impossible for you to be responsible for anyone else? For example, you tell yourself, tomorrow I am going to read one chapter of this book, I'm going to do my bed, I'm going to clean, I'm going to do my nails, I'm going to walk, I'm going to do exercise and you don't do it.

That lack of commitment lingers with you in your day-to-day lifestyle, you will always have an excuse when you don't get something done, and that causes stress. We need to learn how to be responsible, honest, real, coachable, loving, caring, and devoted to ourselves and complete our tasks first, before trying to do them for others.

Many times when our car breaks down, we get laid off from our job, or we have weighed ourselves on a scale and we have not achieved what we want, it's easy for that mental roar to say "just give up" or" "you're not going to make it" "you have tried too many times " "your too old" "People like you will never make it" "That's impossible" look at the reality of your life, its always been the same" "you have bad luck" "No one that has gone thru what you're going thru has made it" "its always the same thing" etc

That's when you tell that ROAR:

I am in control on my destiny. If i want it; i will plan and work everyday to make it. I will love defeat, because loving failure will lead me to victory.
Its not how many times you fail, its how many times you get up and try again. Quitting is easy. Getting up in the midle of the fire, in the middle of tears and sorrows, in the midst of feeling lost and alone and getting up and tying again and again that is were the victory lies.
"Remember" Albert Einstein was concidered mentally handicapped. Didn't speak unti he was 4, he couldn't read until he was 7 and he won the Nobel Prize on his apporach to physics. Sir James Dyson went through 5,126 failed vacuums and used up all his savings and the 5, 127 worked and became the best bagless vacuum in the United States.
Its all a decision! Are you going to listen to that mental ROAR or walk towards your dream and trying again and again.
M.Coreano 5.14.2022


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