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How do you narrate your story?

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

Listen to this article!

What do you see in this picture? Ask yourself that question!

The sun shines every day for all of us. The rain falls day in and day out, for all of us as well.

When the wind blows, it also blows cold air to all of us. How do you narrate your story; is mainly based on your internal self-talk.

I observe people and how they talk. For example, let's take the word pity; this word is misused so many times. The most obvious difference is that pity is always about the bad things that happened to someone else, while sadness is about your misery. Secondly, sadness is about losing something important, while pity is about someone's overall lousy situation.

My cousins' wife always laughs and says, "Mitzy is here" why? because I take everything that happens, and I express a positive outcome to whatever it is. For example, I came to visit them in Puerto Rico, and I had to play around with the food while at the supermarket because my diet is rigorous.

So I told her, "well, I will have swollen hands for a few days and possibly swollen everything because this supermarket does not have what I need to eat. I said, "good thing I have clothes for all situations, and I'm blessed to have all pant sizes and clothes."

When people ask me, how are you? I say, "learning to enjoy this new life, new body and embracing every change because nothing happens just because; there is always a lesson to be learned."

I could take my time and whine and complain, but why would I do that? There is no benefit in that. I learned that the best thing that life gives us is the opportunity to wake up every day.

Rituals are important. I just started waking up at 5:00 AM and doing yoga (beginners), meditation, prayer, and motivational speeches. When I started, it was only motivational speeches, but while listening to those speeches, I heard that we could not only listen or read about the change we need to make but we need change to happen.

So I embraced those words, wrote down my goals, and said: "Mitzy, you have to make more change and push yourself even harder." I asked myself, "Mitzy, what are the rituals that will make your dreams come true? And I responded, "Discipline, Mitzy, you have to have discipline and do what you have to do no matter where you are or what happens in your life."

The person you will be in 5 years depends on who you decide to associate yourself with during your journey. The books you read, the people you listen to, the opinions you believe, all the information you take in, let it be positive or negative. Everything you do today will affect your future!

Commit to feed your mind with good things and successful thoughts, and surround yourself with those who have the same ambition. Be disciplined. Don't be like the rest. Work now so you can enjoy it later.

Suppose you don't feed your mind with success! Then believe it or not; It will Ride with Mediocrity.

"I see a beautiful sky. The speediness of technology. Engineering works that allow the boats to cross while keeping the vehicles safe. The blessing of seeing how many people have great-looking vehicles, restaurants open; that means that people have work and are alive and if they choose, they can make a change. Now let me ask you? What do you see?"

Mitzy Coreano



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