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Being diagnosed with hypoxia has become a new life for me. All I know is that I woke up from being in ICU, and I had forgotten who I was, where I was at.

It took a year to comprehend the outcome of my life with this condition fully. Meanwhile, I noticed that I had forgotten parts of my life; people and things were all distorted in my mind.

It wasn't until I accepted to get neuropsychological testing done to learn and accept my condition. One true thing is that this condition is very individualized.

What is it like having hypoxia? A lot of times… people that are not in constant contact with can be forgotten. It has taken me a year to start processing and adapting my life to a structured and comfortable life and explaining to new acquaintances why certain interruptions within a conversation and possibly why things might have to be repeated.

People's reactions vary; some push away because they cannot comprehend the illness.

I have seen the distancing and disconnection from many, but I don't blame anyone. I'm thankful because dealing with all that life has gifted me has allowed being a better person.

A person that can coach and express the true feeling of empathy towards everyone without any resentment. Although a few tears appear to clean out the soul sporadically, I know that these experiences will help someone. Sharing true thoughts and feelings opens a window for many to realize and understand that they are not alone.

So let's start by loving ourselves,
Talking good to ourselves,
Cleaning our mind and our surroundings,
Let's focus on living in peace with ourselves,
Once that is achieved; which takes time and effort and determination,
Then you will notice how all things will start falling into place.
Have a wonderful day/night/evening/morning.

Mitzy Coreano May 15, 2021


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