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Laugh and see life as a lesson

Updated: May 15, 2021

Last night I was going thru my phone, and I was looking at old videos, and I had to laugh at all the videos of me and some that I have just taken of other people.

For example, this picture on the left. I was actually lying on the roadside😂when I took the 1st picture you see here.

I wanted to see what many others cannot capture. These are things that make me unique.

I have learned that in life, you will have people around you that might not be in agreeance with who or how you are, and that is okay. We have to learn to find ourselves embrace who we are, and be true to what we believe. We must understand that the one thing that is consistent in our lives is CHANGE!

It takes a lot of courage to be yourself in the midst of a situation. I would be lying if I would say that I don't get upset. We all do, but it's what we do and how fast we de-escalate ourselves that makes the change.

Look at how tall these trees grow. Is there any limit to how tall they can grow? No, there is not. So why would we allow anyone to place limitations in our lives?

We are surrounded by energy that sometimes we disregard. Do you know that negative ions surround us? Negative ions exist in nature like:

  • ultraviolet (rays from the sun)

  • electricity after a thunderstorm

  • lightning strike

  • water flows

  • many plants

Research shows that exposure to negative ions reduces depression in (some people). It also helps regulate sleep, boosts the immune system, increases metabolism, among other studies.

I was at the beachside, and I wanted to take a picture looking up, and after this evening at the beach, I realized that I love the beach so much because I found out that beaches provide a calmness to our brains by providing negative ions. Negative ions are molecules floating in the air that have been charged with electricity.

Imagine that!!! We are surrounded by so much energy around us, so why would we damage all of this positivity that is offered around us with negative thoughts?

I was talking today to a few friends of mines, and I said: "I have placed the crazy woman in my head on time out; she will not discourage me based on others' statements."

We cannot allow people's statements to hinder who we are. Life is too precious and beautiful.

I remember being told so many things, and thru it all, I learned lessons from all forms of hurt and discouragement.

I see life as a lesson or as an assignment that needs a solution to be completed. Remember that greatness takes time. These trees did not grow one day to the next. It was day by day thru everything they stood tall and kept growing.

This teaches us that no matter what happens in our lives, we have to laugh and see life as a lesson. Yes, things will happen, but let's think for a moment.

When something happens, we always have the option of acting or taking a few seconds to breathe and let the frontal part of the brain think things thru. Let's learn from the library of life in which we are surrounded and stop living in fear. Remember that we are in charge of how people treat us. Let's talk positivity,

Remember to place boundaries with love. Love yourself to be stronger. Look at yourself in the mirror and say good things to yourself.

I am still working on looking at myself every day in this new body, but I look and say, "Mamacita, you look beautiful today, and I smile and continue with my day" No one needs to tell me because good comes from within. If you wake up and all you say is "this day is horrible," instead of saying, wow, this is a great day. I'm up, I can see, I have transportation, I have the health to be up, I have a toothbrush, and soap, and water and so many other things we have to be grateful for then you will see how you will start to see life differently.

We are not perfect, but every second is an opportunity for change.

If you do what is easy and you stay in your comfort zone, your life will be hard.....
But if you do what is hard and you change your words to yourself first, I assure you that your life will be much easier.
Peace in accomplished by keeping your mind in a good place is the sea. Where is your good place in which you can tranport your mind in time of need?

Mitzy Coreano



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