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Today, Mother's Month this blog is dedicated to me and to anyone else that might be able to relate.

Morph is a smooth change from one form to another and today I can relate to this terminology.

Avascular necrosis is a condition that occurs when the blood supply to the bone is temporarily or permanently interrupted. This lack of blood supply causes the death of the bone tissue and, as a result, the collapse of the affected bone. If avascular necrosis occurs near a joint, it can lead to collapse of the joint surface.

Living with an inflammatory disease is a challenge I face on a daily basis. The term "inflammatory disease" encompasses various autoimmune conditions and disorders characterized by chronic inflammation, in which the body's immune system attacks its own tissues. Among the most common inflammatory diseases are rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, inflammatory bowel disease, and multiple sclerosis.

These diseases can affect almost any organ in the body and, in many cases, multiple organs or systems. Although inflammation is the hallmark of these diseases, symptoms can range from joint stiffness, pain and loss of function, to skin rashes. Inflammatory diseases usually have periods of remission and flare-ups of increased activity. The effects of these diseases include a considerable burden in terms of comorbidities, lost work days, diminished quality of life, and reduced life expectancy.

Experiencing changes in my size, going from one day in size 10 or 12 to another day in size 16, has been an experience that I have had the opportunity to live. However, along with this experience, I have also experienced pain.

I don't mean the pain you might expect, it's not the pain caused by appearance, as I have learned to accept myself as I am. The pain I'm referring to is joint pain, similar to what you feel when your hand swells up from a bee sting or a mosquito bite that causes inflammation. In addition, there is also the pain that comes from observing people's reactions to looking at me.

Three months ago I decided to have my chest port removed, and although I was warned

about the possibility of increased inflammation, I learned that if we allow our bodies to heal, even if it takes time, they will eventually recover.

Today I want to speak to all mothers who are suffering from illnesses and may feel alone or in denial regarding a medical diagnosis. I speak to you as someone who lives with pain every day of his life, but who still smiles, jokes and laughs constantly, with a clear vision of goals that I will achieve.

It's normal to feel overwhelmed at times, I understand that feeling. However, when that feeling takes over me, I take a deep breath and begin to be thankful for everything I have, which helps to calm those thoughts. As Karol G mentions in one of his songs, tomorrow will be more beautiful.

If you feel down, tired, hurting or your subconscious is telling you that life is not worth living, shut that voice from your head by incorporating gratitude. Don't let anything disturb your peace. Life is beautiful and full of things that are out there waiting on you to discover.

Let's MORPH our minds and let us stop worrying about our appearance. We morph automatically with age and that change is a beauty on its own. Medically ill patients morph all differently but we are the ones that choose to see what we want. Are we going to focus on "what if?" or are we going to be grateful for everything we have and let life and our body take their own time to recover at their own pace? Or let life take its own course and live the now?

Every day I wake up is a new opportunity to work on my goals and dreams and thank God for a new day. What is your decision when you wake up every day?

Happy mother's month 2023


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