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It's been a while since I wrote. I believe I had writer's block. This happens in many forms. Sometimes things happen all at once and it takes your brain and your heart time to heal because of these situations, I had to take time before I was able to get back into writing.

I had to ask myself "Why do you keep on going even though at times progress seems to come in such small batches"? A dream and a promise! "I say". I made myself and a child a long time ago a promise that one day I would share my story. This is what keeps me going. This and seeing so many young men and women that I see and hear that are suffering and submerged in drugs because the pain is too much to deal with.

It has been years of resilience and criticism and many have walked away, many have spoken, others have lost hope. I have had to postpone dates and I have even had to take some time to stand alone and think and know why I do the things I do.

This post will not be long, but the words are coming from my heart. To everyone out there that has a dream, a goal a wish, or hope. Don't quit.

Don't look at others progress. Only focus on your own. Build your empire, and break things little by little. Do a vision board, work hard and consistently, and discipline yourself but above all be thankful to God and this earth for everything you have, and don't live off of appearances. Live a life of truth, that is where the wealth is. Everything starts and ends with you.

If you would hear my dreams and my goals or even take the time to look at my vision board you would say I'm crazy. But I'm sure everything in life is doable if you are consistent and you never give up.

When people that you love and open your heart to do things that hurt only remember, hurt people hurt people. If it's needed take time to heal and continue going. I believe one of the most empowering things that I have been able to conquer is silence.

Being able to be with me and enjoy absolute silence has been the greatest achievement for me.

I was a person that was terrified to be alone. Today I can read a book and enjoy the silence of the words while I read. I also enjoy the smell and quietness of cooking and enjoying myself in everything I do. This took a lot of effort and tears. I shed many tears letting people that I loved go. But what I told myself was "I enjoyed every moment spent" and that's all that matters. This 2024 I continue placing one pebble at a time to conquer my dreams while I enjoy every process that this entails.

I want to say thank you to a friend who was not a reader and started reading my blogs and asked me "Mitzy why are you no longer writing?" we had a long conversation and he's one of the people who pushed me to take the time to write once again. His name is Daniel Andres Echeverri. He has been a long 3-year friend and he said: "Don't let anyone take away your muze". Many times we have to be careful because we cannot allow loved ones or people close to us to change who and how we are.

We even have to be careful with situations that happen in our lives. We cannot allow ourselves for those things to take control over who and how we are in a way that we lose our focus. So I want to thank you Daniel for pushing me and getting me back on track. Thank you for being a great friend.

Thank all those friends that in good and bad reel you back to where you are supposed to be even in your most vulnerable times.


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