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Passenger is who we are to this world called life. But sadly very few people are able to enjoy the beauty that passes us by on a day to day basis.

We go thru this life and we don't stop to think that everything around is connected.

For example we would never associate ourselves with the metamorphosis of a butterfly. If I would ask anyone in which way are we connected they might say that there is no connection.

Everything in life has a cycle. The metamorphosis of a butterfly consist of 4 stages egg, larva, pulpa and adult and its life expectancy of a butterfly is about 15 to 29 days. A plant also has its stages of germination, pollination, fertilization. Even rice has a process and a cycle. The rice first hydrates it adds moisture, making it swell and increase in size. Then the heat cooks it and finally the heat makes it soft and ready to eat. We as humans have six stages, fetus, infancy, toddler years, childhood, middle age and senior year.

There are many things that some of us have endured that has been unfortunate. But its important to understand that if we are still enjoying this ride called life, lets do it with a sense of pride knowing that our golden years will arrive even if we want to or not, and even then, its important to accept love and cherish every cycle in life. Just like a passenger gets to enjoy the view of a long ride.

Everything in life is connected. Did you know that there are 8.7 million species found on our planet and each animal has its own lifespan? Why is it that we as human beings feel so superior to each other? Why do we forget that we are here as a passenger on a ride called life? Why do we allow for miniscule things to deviate the beautiful things that happen in our lives? Simple things like waking up. Smiling and being able to breath and have ourselves to enjoy?

We live a life of stress, blaming everything and everyone for things that only we are responsible for. We complain about everything. Did you know that a butterfly, with its legs which is where it has its taste receptors is able to detect the bitterns of a nectar and associate it with toxins? Once it detects this it decides to venture off to another flower and if the nectar is sweet it will then decide to place its egg. Why is it that we as humans decide to stay in toxic thoughts and toxic relationships? Do you know that everyone that we decide to give them our time, or things that we decide to give them in any which way is time we never get back? So why not choose to make better decisions like butterflies do?

Butterflies have incredible color vision and there exceptional eyes allow to take information from all directions, keeping an eye for predators and a look out for that perfect flower to land on. So why don't we keep and eye out for detecting the beautiful things that we have in life? lets take some time away from our devices which allows for us to focus on others life instead of our own. We spend hours, days and a life worrying about others that are not even on there social media themselves. We spend quality time complaining and worried about ex partners, ex jobs, ex life, ex friends, ex love's, ex people that no longer take the time to contact us in any way. or people that do contact us but its in a toxic way, why spend a precious day doing these tedious things when so much happens around us and we pay no mind to it. We have things that we say we have to do for ourselves, but because we are always care about other we forget the most important person...ourselves.

This interesting life cycle blog that I have decided to name passenger and share with you all is a realization of my own life and my own experiences. This blog also lets me know that animals have a much broader understanding of what it is to live a life of well taken decisions versus the human mind. We live making wrong decisions. Because we allow our impulses to take control over everything around us and in us. We see things, people, relationships, jobs, comments, things that happen in our surroundings that are toxic and we forget that in this cycle called life we also have the choice to cut whatever is not wanted or is not good for us.

Lets learn from the butterfly once again. It decides to taste the nectar of each flower or leaf and if its sour or has a bad taste it automatically associates it with a toxin. When we meet people or situations that seem overwhelming or simply people or things, life choices, our day to day that does not add to our happiness or peace; lets do like a passenger on a bus, car plane, or bicycle lets go on to the next view or better yet, lets go on to the next nectar of life.

That life starts with everyday that you open your eyes your given a new opportunity to start fresh and make better decisions that will add to your life not take away!

Let's be careful on how we spend our day to day. Remember a second spent is a second that will never be relived and a second lost is never regained. Time is something that can never be replaced. !Never forget!

M.Coreano 7/7/2023


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