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Reflection of 2022 thru My eyes to you

Today I went to the supermarket and I overheard the bagger say to the cashier while my groceries where being scanned that he had seen this beautiful woman and she was from Cabo Verde, but he never knew that woman from that country were so beautiful. Although the conversation was no with me I felt in the need to interlude and I did. I said " May I ask where are you from?" and he said I'm from the coast in Colombia. I said Woman from your country are very beautiful, but the reality is that beauty comes from the soul of a person not from their exterior appearance.

He went on talking and said "I asked her if she was married and she said yes... (he continued talking and said "but what bothered me and I don't understand why, is that I asked her if she could have male friends and she said no. He went on to say "I don't see anything wrong with her accepting me as a friend so we can talk"

I introduced myself again in the conversation and said. "Let me ask you? Why would she want to speak to a single man? Do you really want a friendship with her? Why would you want a friendship if your first approach to her was based on her appearance? And why would it have bothered you that she said no to you when she exalted her principles when she said that she was not interested and that she was married?

He had nothing to respond. By that time I was already paying and the cashier smiled and I left and looked at him and said. "When the reflection of yourself is in a good place you will see things much clearer.

This year for me and for many others has been a year of many lessons. I brought this event that just happened today so you can see that we can all make a change and leave an imprint in everyone's life if we wish too. Our mind and our actions are so powerful that it saddens me how people decide to live in other peoples world and waste time and then we complain why so many things have not been able to be accomplished. Many lessons like this one and others that have caused many tears to be shed, have matured me.

I had a ride bring me home and the person asked me "Mitzy you have a gift to see everything in a positive way" I said "No" "I don't have a gift, I choose to see life in a positive way because look at me right know. At this moment I am wheezing and I can be gone in a second if my trachea closes off; and if this happens, what have I left to this world? Or to those that have known me?

I said "Do you realize that there are people that wake up everyday cursing and in the worst mood ever? They spend their whole life wishing for the next thing, doing drugs, worrying about what is gone, living in the past, involved in toxic relationships, hating the next person, deciding not to forgive, stressing about the next bill. thinking about what they don't have, thinking and stressing about things that in reality cannot be changed.

I used to say to myself when my health was frail, I remember looking at myself in the mirror and smiling and saying "Thank you God for my lips because there is someone out there in this world that would love to have my lips because they have a clef lip and don't have the means to fix it and everyday they are being looked at in a disgusting way or joked and here I am blessed.

In this year many people have left my side and new people have came and I am blessed and happy to have been able to experience every emotion that each situation has allowed for me to encounter. New illnesses have been diagnosed and others have been able to be healed, new projects have failed and others have been done. Every day that passes by is a day that will never be re-lived and I have said this many times in this blog.

What you do with the day that is given to you, is your choice.

I choose to be me and live. I live with my messes, with my cleanness, I live with my mistakes and my happy days and the days I have to discipline myself and help my subconscious to be in the state that it needs to be so I can feed my body the positive nutrients it needs. I live with the days that I shed tears in the bed because a loved one is gone or someone you love is not near. I decide to live thru it all and learn every day and never ever give up or regret anything that happens, because everything that happens in our lives every breath we take every smile, every experience is a step closure to whatever you have set your mind to achieve.

I don't know what goals you have for this new 2023. I am making a great vision board. That vision board I am plastering it every where I can. I know this 2023 will bring many lessons not only to me but to many that are reading this; all I can exalt you is to always make a decision on, what do you want to do? If your happy with your life as it is then continue your life and disregard what is written here.

But if you have learned anything from these blogs this year...decide to live, smile and see who and how you are when you have no social media, when the room is quiet, see where do your thoughts go, what does your inner self tell you? Are you in peace with yourself? If you can look at yourself in a mirror and smile, if you can smile when you are alone with nothing on just you and complete silence and love yourself 1st then you are on the path to self healing and leaving a legacy to those around you. Remember this. Every second your living is a second that will never be re-lived again. Lets choose what we truly want this 2023 and lets go for it, don't worry about what anyone says. If the vision has been given to you then do a plan and go forward and don't let anything or anyone veer you from what you want to do. Remember life is lived everyday.

Thank you to all my readers for this great year 2022 and for joining me on this blogging journey. I am very grateful for all your support and dedicated time. I hope you have a great new year and that this 2023 we continue to provide more readings and audios. Happy Holidays.

I hope to present my book to you this 2023!



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