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Retreat & rebuild yourself

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Yesterday was a day that I learned so much from who I am as a person.

How is that? You might ask?

As a refresher to all new readers and listeners, the purpose of this blog is to keep track of my day-to-day life and how I cope with memory loss, and how I see life in such a bright and beautiful way no matter what situations come my way.

Yesterday I had to go to Neuropsychic testing, and this test is based on two-level steps. The primary step is talking to the Dr. about the reasons, causes, and things that have happened to me that might lead to an understanding of why I am suffering from memory loss which is one of my major interests above everything else. The second step is four-hour testing to allow the Drs. to know what part of the brain functions correctly.

When I told the Dr. I had been intubated nineteen times, her eyes widened, and I smiled and made one of my jokes. The incredible, most wonderful part of the whole conversation was listening to her say, “you have a great attitude towards life.” This statement came after she told me about the possibility of me having part of my brain affected because of my lack of oxygen situation, the hypoxia, and having covid19 and other head injuries that I have suffered.

When we spoke, I said, “well, now we have to find out which part of the brain IS WORKING so we can work and have a plan and continue going (laughing).

Then I said to myself, “well, Mitzy; this is a great excuse for you to go shopping for nice notebooks, so TJ Max it is” and for those that know me, know that Mitzy loves TJ Max (chuckling).

One of my symptoms is waking up swollen as I did this morning or with other daily blessings that I have the strength to have, and what do I do?

Well…I get up, listen to motivational speeches every morning; it doesn’t matter where I am. Then I take care of myself and make sure I put on clothes that I like even if I will be home writing.

I am also very cautious with negative conversations. I eat healthily, and I’m thankful for everything.

If anyone heard me speaking to myself out loud, they would think something is happening to me. Because when I’m washing dishes, I say to myself, “it’s so awesome to have liquid detergent and this great sponge to clean these dishes” “and look at this nice hot water and this strainer.” I say to myself, “somewhere out in this world, there are people that don’t have all these privileges,” and you know what? Whatever pain I’m going thru will not be the focus of my thoughts.


Because I am having a conversation with myself and being empathetic and appreciative about life and your attitude towards life changes you; you start changing how you speak to yourself and how you see others. There are only three things we can control:

(1) What we eat,

(2) what we say

(3) our temper.

I repeat this to myself all day, every day.

When I’m walking, and I have to pace myself because my knees hurt or lock on me, I say, wow, I’m so lucky to have one good leg that helps me continue going. I learned from a motivational speech that “If you do what is easy, your life will be hard, but if you do what is hard, your life will be easy.”

It is hard to take ownership. It's hard to take a radical change in your behavior, but if you don’t overcome obstacles, you will never know you can. If you don’t overcome adversity, you will not understand how you will feel when overcoming these adversities.

Retreat and rebuild. Take some of your time. I decided to wake up every day at 530-6 to organize myself and write everything down to have an even more disciplined life to achieve my goals.

I had to learn the hard way that there are consequences you pay for constantly seeking comfort and avoiding hard work. Those consequences were:

· I never felt self-realized

· Feeling I never accomplished anything

So, I said to myself "I’m going to do what the people around me don’t want to do"
and I make every second of my life count.
I’ve learned that many times the one thing that you wanted to happen is often the best thing that never happened.
So, take time to rebuild yourself, do yoga, meditation, pray,
color, have sex, laugh, travel, never give up on your dreams,
accept life; remember things happen to you for a reason.
Love the people that love you and care for you, don’t do to
others what you wouldn’t want done to you, love often, ask
for forgiveness if you have hurt someone, love hard and
remember that everything around us is alive so be very
careful; what you say.
Love yourself in order to be stronger!!!!

Mitzy Coreano 02.19.2021


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4 comentarios

Mitzy Coreano
Mitzy Coreano
20 feb 2021

Thank you Dr. Santiago. Cambridge college has been a home for me. 🙏🏼

Me gusta

Our very appreciated student, Mitzy. You know that in Cambridge College Puerto Rico we are always praying the Lord looking for a better day for you every single morning. Blessings. Don't give up!!!

Me gusta

Mitzy Coreano
Mitzy Coreano
19 feb 2021

Thank you sis 😊😘

Me gusta

María Román
María Román
19 feb 2021

Love those that don't love you.

You are the best at what you do.

Great life lessons and an amazing since of humor

Love you

Smile, enjoy, live, even though........

I love this and I've learn so much from you.

A truly perseverance example.

Me gusta
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