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Seeing the truth

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

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Silence is the best way to take the time to see the truth. Just like everything that we do in life, time is the best option to see life, things, and people for who they really are.

When a woman sees another woman pregnant, she makes statements on how beautiful she looks, but it's only the woman that is bearing the child in her womb; the only person that can describe how she truly feels.

A project is seen thru the eyes of the designer and of the ones that Invision what it will be; but it's the contractors that can describe the hard work that it takes to make a reality to what others write on paper or invasion in their heads.

We have various options when it comes to how things turn out in our lives. 1st we need to realize that it is our life and we have the power to take control, that is if we know ourselves well enough to know our triggers and how to think things thru before we act we might save lots of heartaches and the outcome might be better.

What if someone makes us feel uneasy or frustrated or hurt; what do we do?

Well, I will tell you what I did. I was in a very uncomfortable situation. The couple that I was visiting had a physical aggression (her towards him) and the man decided to walk away and I was left in a very small home dealing with a lot of emotions and thinking "okay Mitzy what are you going to do?" and this is what I did:

I decided to go to the room but not in an abrupt way. I told myself it's ok for you to feel overwhelmed and possibly worried, hurt and a bit stressed right now but; "what good can you see in the midst of this situation"? I said "well the place that I am in the weather is ok," I said, so I decided to breathe a few times while in the room and I text a friend and I asked if they could be a sounding board for a minute.

Then I decided to walk around the block. But I asked the aggressor to accompany me with the excuse that I wanted to see the outside area and I was new so I didn't know where I was going. She was shocked because she expected me to react another way. Once you are in control of yourself you can do wonderful things even towards people that you might not agree with their actions.

Once we were done with the walk I waited until the next day in order to slowly say "in life, we are who we are because of our own choices and we cannot blame anyone for what happens to us" If we want good we have to sow good and if we don't it's okay, we just need to understand that everything in life has a ripple effect.

Having 2 splendid conversations with my friends, and having them just listen to me for a minute, and taking a few seconds to breathe, helped me to think, make the right choices as I was able to continue with my day.

Moral of this true story?
We need to realize...people will always show their true colors
sooner or later. "You know who you are under the fire" and
last but not least ...You are in control of your life. Do good
not caring to who and you will have peace in your heart,
forgive not for them, but forgive for your own peace of mind.
Remember we live with ourselves and their is no worst
enemy then your innerself. So let's be kind and strern,
respectful and loving. Not for them...but for you, so when
your day is almost over you can look back , smile and say
"you have done well".

Mitzy Coreano

The simple writer


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