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The connection between wind and FRIENDS

This is dedicated to everyone that has a friend and has had any experience with the feeling of winds that have caressed their body or face at any moment in their life. (chuckling)

I notice that a lot of anxiety is arising because of things that happen in our environment and we don't have the tools to understand the why's.

I hope that this blog opens doors to a better understanding of who we are being surrounded by and the why's that many of us don't know.

The wind is caused by uneven heating. This means that turbulent temperatures cause wind. (Just like turbulent friends cause anxiety in our lives)

These temperatures don't have much substance. (Just like many times we don't understand what types of friends we have and what is there place in our lives, for how long or the time, purpose, or what type of friendship this might be)

Let's remember that the wind can't be seen but you can feel its force. Just like you don't know what others think but you can sense and feel their behavior towards you in diverse situations.

I bet you, that if I ask you; how many types of winds are there, you will probably say, "it's just wind Mitzy" or if I ask you what types of friends are there? A majority of people might say "my high school friends and my best friends or work friends. You might be right. But let's read this analogy. and let me know what do you think?

Just like friends, the earth contains five major wind zones. There is:

  1. Polar Easterlies

  2. Westerlies

  3. Horse latitudes

  4. Trade winds

  5. Doldrums

Polar Easterlies: are dry, cold winds from the East, they flow to the low-pressure areas/ Subpolar regions.

We have:

Westerlies: which are winds that blow from the West. They are fed by easterlies and are strongest in the winter and weakest in the summer.

Horse latitudes: are narrow zone winds that are in warm and dry climates like deserts and places like Africa and South America.

Trade winds: These are the Powerful winds from the tropics. These winds are very predictable and we can even say reliable. They are consistent. These winds are used to guide routes across oceans. They are even used for ships today. They also develop tropical storms, hurricanes, cyclones, and typhoons.

Doldrums: These winds are unusually calm and very weak. The low pressure is created when the sun heats up. Its located near the equator but every season it moves away slightly from the equator

Now let's look at the variety of different types of friends and what is the connection with the wind?

  1. Must friend: a best friend, a member of your inner circle, a person you count on when something big happens in your life

  2. Trust friend: a friend who shows integrity, someone you feel comfortable with, that you’re always glad to see, but not in your inmost circle; perhaps someone you’d like to be closer to if you had the time or opportunity

  3. Rust friend: a person you’ve known for a long, long time; you’re probably not going to get any closer to that person unless something changes, but its a part of your life

  4. Just friends: a person you see — at a weekly poker game, at your child’s school — who is an enjoyable company, but you have no desire to socialize outside a specific context or to get to know that person better

We will all meet at one point in our lives friends like these:

A fair-weather friend is someone who’s there for the good stuff. They want to hear about the cute thing your cat did or the promotion you just got, but they're not someone you confide in when it comes to the heavy stuff.

Keep or run: A fair-weather friend is basically a surface-level friend. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, as long as you’re realistic about what the friendship is.

Fake Friend

Pretty self-explanatory. This is the person in your life who you refer to as a friend in conversation but is really more of an acquaintance, and even that is probably being generous. You don’t really trust them, and you probably never have.

Fun Friend

A fun friend is probably more of an acquaintance. They’re someone who you see at parties and who loves to invite you to various events. They’ve always got something going on, and when you’re together, it’s all about the fun.

Fierce Friend

This is the friend who you know will always have your back. Even if you’re not always as close in the day-to-day moments, they’re there when it counts. They have a strong moral compass and definitely aren’t afraid to use it to help keep you on the right track. They’re fierce when it comes to defending you, but they’re also fierce when it comes to making sure you confront the issues within yourself too. They’ll tell you if they think you’re wrong, and they’d also probably egg a car in your honor. It goes both ways.

For Now Friend

For now friend is someone who you already know isn’t going to stick around for the long run. Circumstance brought you together, but you’re aware that it won’t be enough forever. When you look at your life 10 years from now, you probably don’t see this person

still being someone you see or talk to regularly.

Fickle Friend

This friend runs very hotly and cold. One day it feels like you’re best friends and the next thing you know they’ve distanced themselves. One minute they love you and the next they’re mad at you. You often feel like you have whiplash from trying to keep up.

Familiar Friend

A familiar friend is someone who you were probably super close to at one point, and even though you aren’t as close anymore, they’re still in your life. You still talk and hang out and everything, but you often wonder if it’s more because it’s comfortable and familiar, not because the friendship adds anything to either of your lives.

Flaky Friend

This is the friend who you have to make plans with six times before something finally sticks. Who says they want to hang out but then doesn’t make an effort to make it happen and often doesn’t provide an explanation as to why. They can also be flaky emotionally, too, all in on helping you through something one minute, and then suddenly they leave you hanging.

Forever Friend

A forever friend is someone that you know will be around forever. It’s just the bond you have. You’ve been in each other’s lives for a while, and through all the ups and downs, you’ve been committed to working to make sure your bond stays strong. Even when you fight or disagree, there’s no doubt in your mind that you’ll always get through it. Your friendship isn’t perfect; it’s real.

Just like the word wind; the word friend, encompasses many aspects of life, people, situations, and understandings. We mistaken friends of various types with online acquaintances that we have never met.

We allow our lives to depend on a like button or on how many views we have without realizing that, just like the wind we have people from all parts of the world that might not have the same definition of friendship as yourself.

Not understanding people's definitions of friendships, and not understanding the reality of social media in today's world, is just like saying the wind blows in the same direction every day. I see people stress over not being able to answer a call, not being able to (so-called multi-task as the next person), we live off of what others say, without taking time to evaluate and learn who we are, how we are, what is it that we think without the opinions of others, we stress over a car that yield instead of stopping, in the meantime we forget to exalt the beauty of the different seasons and how beautiful the trees look, we stress over our cars not being cleaned but we forget to look at how beautiful the rain looks when it falls and what good it does to the earth. We complain about our job but we forget to be thankful when we can enjoy even the pleasure of putting on clean clothes because we have a source of income.

We complain about how our body looks, but we forget that somewhere in this world someone would have liked to have your body because they cannot move. We want money and there is nothing wrong with that, but when we are ill, or having a panic attack or an anxiety attack, or when we have high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack, cancer, or a terminal illness, what good is the money then?

Just like the wind has its courses and each wind knows where to go and when to move away, let's learn from all that is around us, and let's learn to be in control of our lives, not have other things, people, situations be in control of us.

Life is not based on a diagnosis that we might have been diagnosed with; it is what we will do in the midst of our day-to-day struggles. No matter where we are the wind always blows. It never stops even when it's unusually calm and at times when it's very weak it still continues its course even though it slightly moves its course thru the seasons.

Let's look at all these great people who in the midst of their diagnosis they have decided to continue. Let's learn to continue going forward just like this precious wind that we encounter every day of our lives.

If I can do it; So can YOU!

Remember at the age of 62 James Parkinson identified Parkinson's desease. His 1917 essay shaking Palsy led to our conception of Parkinson's today.
Frank McCourt took up writing at the Pulitzer Prize and National Book Critics Circle Award.
Lets look at people with mental illness:
Demi Lovato ( Bipolar disorder)
Steeve Young (Social anxiety disorder)
Michael Phelps (ADHD)
Dan Reynolds (Clinical depression)
Leonardo DiCaprio (Obsesive compulsive disorder)
Lady Gaga (PTSD)
Adele (Postpartum depression)


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