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The reason why I started writing this blog and a part of my Bio

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

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For those that don't know the reason why I started writing. I started writing while I was in isolation after surviving covid19 twice and was transferred into an isolation unit in Taunton, Mass, for 21 days in one place and 15 days in Everett.

While I was in isolation after coming out of the hospital for the 1st 20 days, I had not processed well the information given to me that I have hypoxia; added to that, I have been intubated 19 times I’ve had TIA, help syndrome, now I have scar tissue all over my body because I have no IV access unless it’s thru a central line that I have placed at this moment.

I have been operated on for kidney infections 6 times, recurrent UTI, many types of pneumonia, pneumothorax, low blood pressures, broken ribs, avascular necrosis in my right hip and my two shoulders from excessive steroids given to me by the hospitals; head contusion from a horse fall while riding while coming off the horse, a car passed by us, He lifted his hoofs, and I was slammed on the concrete while having my foot stuck to the reins of the horse, so my head hit first on the street that left me unconscious for a while.

When I have an anaphylactic reaction, I wheeze. Still, I’m allergic to all asthma medications or inhalers, and the only medication that I can use to open my bronchial spasm is decadron (a steroid) which I have also created a mild allergy to; so Benadryl IV has to be placed before the decadron, which now my body is having a mild reaction to Benadryl as well.

My body has also created immunity to all medications for UTI infections (which come from VUR that I was born with, and it took 40 years to find out that I was born with VUR. VUR is urine that flows down the urinary tract, from the kidneys, through the ureters, to the bladder as a baby, so I had to have a 24 stitch operation at the age of 5 years old.) Invanz is the only medication at this moment placed with Benadryl that can be used when infection arises.

I have AVN, which means Avascular Necrosis on both my shoulders (chronically), and it has run to my feet (beginning stage), plantar fasciitis, rheumatism in most of my joints. I have HM on my right eye, which is hand motion. I also suffered from a hemiplegic migraine which limited my mobility on my left side. I lost my right side vision because I was accidentally stabbed while caring for my baby at the time. (I’ll talk about that story later on in my book)

Even thru all those wonderful lessons in my life: I’m glad that I write everything down, and I do lots of journaling because I suffer from memory loss, so everything I do, I have to write it down before all is forgotten. The reason for my memory loss is the hypoxia that I suffer from. Added to this, I also have had a long-term effect of Covid19. This is the reason for the title of my blog [[Before All Is Forgotten]] because there is the possibility that I could forget one day all but day by day, I fight the fight.

But through all of this and many other illnesses and situations that had occurred to me, like me being hijacked and kidnapped at the age of 15. I, I don't know how long and left for dead before I was able to escape. Thru all of this and sexual and mental abuse and rapes, I have not given up. God, music, and this earth in which we live in and a good sense of humor through tears shed are the only things that I have been able to rely on in my darkest times and terrifying days.

For a reason, the people who have been in my life, even though it was for a season, I am very thankful for them. I am blessed to have had you for my college professors; I am also grateful. But here I am today, still smiling and making jokes.

Do you know what keeps me going?

The people, teens, the girls at the lock-up unit think they will not be able to make it because no one understands them. I fight every day for them. I tell myself, “if I can make it,” someone as real as me, then they can make it as well; I know that my story will allow for them to know that someone cared enough to make it, so they can also follow my footsteps and don’t lose hope. I have the ability to understand these girls because I have gone thru hell, and it’s taken me a great deal of determination and resilience to be where I am today. Still, a lot of that I owe it to these girls because every time I wanted to quit, I would say, “I have to find a way to be an example for anyone that might be going thru what I’m passing by at this moment, and I have to continue to prevent so many suicide attempts and deaths in our youth today.”

My life is not to be pitied; my life is an example, a lesson, a journey, a solution for all those that have lost hope. My life is hope for anyone that feels defeated, lonely in despair, sick, scared, hopeless, abandoned, and possibly out of place; and I share what I do, so everyone can know that we all have a brain, and with that brain, we have the ability to achieve whatever we want! It doesn’t matter what trials you have to go thru; you can achieve anything! Day by day, place a grain of mustard toward what you want, and it doesn’t matter what trials you go thru….Never, ever give up!

So let us enjoy the great feeling of our favorite chapstick on our lips or the great taste of cream cheese on a bagel and realize that one day we might not have teeth😩😂 to enjoy how great it feels to bite into an apple 🍎, or we will be too frail to enjoy a good car ride🚘 at the outdoors🏞, or the beach, a good conversation with our loved ones, a good day out in the sun, an evening at the beach, a facetime call and screen shooting it to have memories, etc... So enjoy the little things in life.

Mitzy Coreano 5/11/2021


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