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Words can hinder or can be a lesson

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Sometimes people forget the power of words and how something said can hinder someone else.

We should always take time to be kind and loving, funny, sweet, and even helpful.

If we can’t be good to ourselves, how can we be anything to anyone else?

Don't allow anyone to hinder your dream. Research and let yourself be guided and allow yourself to make errors and learn from them. I have tons of stories of people telling me I cannot do this or that, but I do not let anything or anyone stop me. If I make a mistake, I learn from it and get up and continue going. Change comes not from achieving success from one try; it comes from failing a million times and getting up again and trying until you reach your goal.

I'm not here to learn, I am here to feel comfortable enough with my writing to receive criticism and opinions, so when I self-publish my book, I can accept my writing as part of who I am.

I write from a heart that has gone thru more than tales can express. I write with happiness, sadness, joy, passion, and to reach a soul in need. I try to put in simple words real thing’s to open a path of honesty, love, clearness, and hopefulness.

Being free, is the ability to have a clean conscience,
A pure heart,
A clear mind,
And striving for a better you
Every second of life that is given to you is very valuable.🙋🏽‍♀️

Mitzy Coreano 05/11/2021


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