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You can't give what you do not have!

Listen to this article!

Today, I will talk about something very personal, and I am opening up only to help anyone who goes through the same thing I do or, better off, said something that I did go through. Thanks to many classes of emotional intelligence, I no longer suffer from.

Let’s take a second to look at this tree and its surroundings. I want for you to envision all these torn branches and trunks on the floor as “words. “

Now you might say, “Mitzy, what in the world are you talking about?”. Let me explain. Words are so powerful that they can do good and lift a thousand soldiers from a battle to continue going, and they can also destroy someone’s self-esteem to the point of suicide.

I take this tree as an example because trees have an amazing ability to recover from storm damage.

I have weathered so many storms in my life, but I am still here as a tree. Trees basically go through everything that we as human beings go through, but if we look at them and learn to see and listen, we will learn a very valid lesson.

When looking for the life and damage of a tree. I will make the comparison to what a doctor would say to us. When a tree is no longer functional or is rotten in the inner core of the trunk or structural weakness in the branching patterns that can cause a split trunk, the equivalent of this happening is referred to as the tree suffers a heart attack. The wounds are too large to heal, and the tree has lost its lifeline of sap between roots and leaves. This tree is almost dead.

On the 26th of this month, my father would have been dead for 11 years. I lost my father many years ago, and I know that he would be delighted with my achievements. I cannot say the same to some people around me. While being here in this world we live in, I have encountered many emotional oppositions that, although I am a fighter, those words really got to me at one time. Sometimes I will not lie (the words kind of itch, but then I say to myself), "Mitzy people are so hurt and broken nowadays, that you cannot blame them for they cannot give what they do not have, and I keep going."

  • Trees need nutrients, sunlight, water, air, and space. The availability of some basic resources can be limited, so trees compete with each other to meet their needs.

  • WOW, isn't that crazy? We also need nutrients, sunlight, water, air, and space, and the availability of some of our basic resources can also be limited; WE as HUMANS also compete with each other to meet our needs.

There is only one particular observation about us humans and life. Life doesn't respond to need. You can't go to the soil and say, "I need a crop." The soil will say, "don't bring me your seed, bring me some: effort, bring me some discipline, bring me some entry, bring me these things, and I'll multiply many times fold.

You can't come in NEED; you have to come with seed, you have to come with skill, you have to be willing to learn, to change, to grow, willing to stand up to the bad weather, willing to pull out the weed willing to nurture. That's the only way you get a return.

I’m blessed to have friends and sisters I can go to when the road gets tough…
Don't let anyone dictate your future!!!!

Mitzy Coreano 5/18/2021


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